Welcome to the Secure Covid-19 Testing Results Portal

If you were tested for the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Virus, you can use this portal to retrieve the status and/or results of your testing. Only individuals who received a test retrieval card at the time of their test are eligible to retrieve their results via this portal.

To retrieve your test result, please enter:

  • 16 digit retrieval code
  • your date of birth

Retrieval Code (Where can I find this?)

This is listed on the test retrieval card, given to you at the time of testing:

Example of retrieval sticker
Scan Code

Date of birth for the individual tested

Please do not call if it has been under 48 hours or if it says "test processing".

If you have lost your barcode or your access code does not show the status of your test after 72 hours, please seek assistance as follows:

  • If you are having difficulty accessing your results, please call the Altius Institute call center between 7 AM to 7 PM PST at 206-267-1096. Please be ready to tell the call center which of the sites from the list below you visited to get your test. Interpretation available.
  • If you need support interpreting your results, please call your provider.

Results retrievable for tests collected at the following sites:

If you have been tested at a different site not listed above and are looking for your results, see the link below for more information: