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What type of test does Altius Perform?

Altius employs the gold standard of qPCR testing. Our test is one of the most sensitive on the market and highly automated to reduce manual error, resulting in lower false negatives rates, faster turnaround times, and a more affordable process.

Can I come to your facility to get tested?
How fast do I get my results back?
How will I receive my results?
What if I test positive?
What if my test result is invalid, inconclusive, or unsatisfactory?
I don't have insurance, will I be charged for the test?
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Can I use the Altius test result for travel?
How do I obtain a PDF copy of my lab report?
Do you report test results back to the state?
What about contact tracing?
Are you HIPAA compliant?
Are you a lab certified by the FDA?
How can I learn more?

Altius operates an internationally-recognized genomics laboratory with CLIA certification (50D2181782) that performs high complexity genomic and genetic assays using high-throughput robotic instrumentation and advanced computing.

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Fact Sheets

Fact sheet for getting tested

Fact sheet for getting tested.

Fact sheet for Healthcare Providers

Fact sheet for healthcare providers conducting COVID-19 testing.